Following the information appeared in several news media referring to the petition from http://www.rajanzed.org/ to withdraw our limited edition “The Indian Series” beers we would like to clarify that:

  • The beers in the series correspond to a historical type of beer called “Indian Pale Ale”
  • The motives on the labels and their denomination evoke the culture of the named country and it’s close bond with the island of Ibiza, where the use of references to different cultures and religions is commonplace.
  • The design and illustrations on the labels are part of our usual collaborations with artists and designers who manifest their respect to, and are gratefull of, the influences of hindu culture.
  • In any case were our iintentions to offend in any way any religious sensitivities and, if that has been the case, we offer our most sincere apologies.
  • The beers of this very short limited edition, crafted in 2015, are no longer in distribution, for several months now.